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Cannabis, the latin name for the plant known as marihuana, weed, pot, herb, grass, reefer---call it what you will.  As all internet users know, cannabis is one of the "safest therapeutically active substances known to mankind."  It is safer than aspirin and numerous other preparations available for consumer selection or over the counter in pharmacies.

Prescribing Guidelines:

Most patients, with the exception of pediatric patients and other persons who are unable to care for themselves, are quite capable of self-titrating cannabis and of determining what an appropriate dose may be.  Therefore, in most cases, the prescription shall be of the form

Cannabis, [mass] [specific requirements] <frequency> 
Cannabis, ad libitum.
 as desired.

In situations where a specific amount of cannabis is required, as a minimum, the Rx is as follows:

Cannabis, no less than <mass> <frequency>

In situations where a specific sort of cannabis is required, it is important for the Rx to note the specific requirements, e.g.

Cannabis, min. 5.0% THC, max 10.0% THC, min 7% CBD.


Cannabis concentrates are the extracts of the cannabis plant.  All extracts intended for patient use should be prepared with food-grade or better solvents, e.g. high-proof alcohol like Everclear.  Use or recommendation of extracts prepared with butane, isopropanol, kerosene or other solvents is strictly prohibited and grounds for disciplinary action.  The form of Rx is this:

Cannabis conc. [mass] <frequency>

And so on and so forth.  If a dispenser has trouble understanding a prescription, it is important for that dispenser to consult with the prescribing licentiate.